Thursday, November 24, 2016

MyPayingCryptoAds Review: is MyPayingCryptoAds Legit or Scam?

This MyPayingCryptoAds review will allow you to discover more about the program and its owner.

Key dates:

1) MyPayingCryptoAds Launch: the 10 November 2016.
2) A sister website denominated in usd dollars, MyPayingAds, which is online since 30 March 2015.

Ps. Before digging into this MyPayingCryptoAds Review, read this important disclosure.

MyPayingCryptoAds Review

This MyPayingCryptoAds review should help you to perform the following tasks:
1) Do your due diligence.
And decide, by yourself, whether MyPayingCryptoAds is a scam or legitimate opportunity.
2) Setup your MyPayingCryptoAds account and/or establish an efficient MyPayingCryptoAds strategy.

Let’s analyze the information we got so far through this MyPayingCryptoAds guide.
IMPORTANT NOTE: MyPayingCryptoAds is the sister site of MyPayingAds, from the same owner.
MyPayingCryptoAds Guide: is MyPayingCryptoAds legit or scam?

MyPayingCryptoAds Admin: who is behind this company?

The owner, Uday Nara is well-known for its other revenue share program “MyPayingAds” which is running since about 18 months.

MyPayingAds Owner: admin details
The information are backed up with websites such as the National University of Singapore, Google or Linkedin.

How does MyPayingCryptoAds work?

MyPayingCryptoAds is an advertising company which includes a revenue sharing bundle, called an “adpack“.
They generate a profit through the sales of 9 different advertising services (see next section) and share a part of this profit with the “active” members.
This allows the business to deliver the web traffic purchased in a timely manner and get returning customers.
MyPayingCryptoAds Review: an overview of the business model:

Important note: the existence and the volume of the revenue being shared are totally tied to the ability of the company to generate advertising sales.
MyPayingCryptoAds Earning Disclaimer

MyPayingCryptoAds Services: the different ways to advertise

MyPayingCryptoAds Services
The advertising services provided by MPCA are really similar to those from the sister site, MyPayingAds.
The major difference is that in MyPayingCryptoAds everything is denominated in Bitcoin.
To avoid duplicate content, I will skip the full description in this review.
But if you need more details about how works the login ads, different banner ads, text ads, traffic exchange Ads, or cash link ads; click here to discover the service description.

MyPayingCryptoAds Bitcoin: create an online wallet and place your order

MyPayingCryptoAds accepts solely Bitcoins. If you are willing to purchase an advertising service, you will need to 1) create (or use) your online bitcoin wallet, and 2), buy bitcoins or exchange another currency into bitcoins.
Coinbase Account Preview
For example, you could get started with coinbase following those 3 easy steps::
A. Sign up for Coinbase::
This first step is to sign up for a Coinbase account. This will give you a secure place to store your bitcoin, and easy payment methods to convert your local currency into or out of bitcoin.
B. Connect Your Bank Account:
After you sign up, connect your bank account or credit cards. You’ll need to complete some verification steps before you can use the account. Once the verification steps are complete, you can start a purchase.
Need more details about this step? Click here.
C. Buy and Sell Bitcoin:
After starting your first purchase, Coinbase will complete your buy and deliver your bitcoin. (Sells work the same way but in reverse). The price of bitcoin changes over time, so they will show you the current exchange rate before you buy.

MyPayingCryptoAds AdPack: how to purchase adpacks?

The first step is to make sure you are NOT using an AdBlock add-ons in your web browser. If you have one, turn it off or add the domain in its exception list.
Once you are logged in, (1) click the button “Purchase AdPack” on top-left of the screen, and then “Setup a New Banner“.
You will be redirected to a page with the title “Add New Advertisement Banner“. There (2) you will give a title to your advertisement, quote the banner URL (this is the image link, ending with .gif, .png or .jpg), the destination URL (where people should be redirected if they decide to click on your banner) and the banner format.
If you made the setup properly, you will see a preview of your banner. (3) Click “Submit“.
MyPayingCryptoAds Buy Adpacks
Once you come “Back” to the page, you will see a preview of your new banner.
You have then two options, either “Add Credits” (to buy banner credits WITHOUT revenue sharing component) or (4)Buy AdPacks” (to buy banner credits in a bundle WITH a revenue sharing component).
MyPayingCryptoAds Purchase Banner Ad
If you are doing your first purchase, (1) you will pick the “Processor” option as the payment method, (2) enter a number of adpacks you wish to order and (3) read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
Note: you need to fill one level before you can purchase the next one. Additionally, some service requires a specific membership (see next sections).
MyPayingCryptoAds Payment Method
Once you press “Buy Now“, you will be redirected to a CoinPayments checkout page (ps. you are not required to have an account there). You may (4) enter your full name and email, if you wish to receive a purchase receipt. You need to (5) click the bitcoin button that quote the total fees and then (6) complete the checkout.
MyPayingCryptoAds CoinPayments
You will see to which bitcoin address you need to send the amount. Just copy-paste it to whatever online bitcoin wallet your are using.
Note: as usual with bitcoins, the transaction will need to be validated through the blockchain before MyPayingCryptoAds receive the amount and deliver the service purchased. If you send 1 bitcoin to MPCA, it will usually take between 25 minutes and 5 hours to proceed (depending on the fees you -or your third-party wallet- apply). It may take a few more minutes between CoinPayments validation and the time MPCA add the services to your account.

MyPayingCryptoAds: a (bitcoin) Revenue Sharing Company

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 1:
Cost of AdPack: 0.01 BTC
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 5,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
For this plan, Membership is not required.

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 2:
Cost of AdPack: 0.03 BTC
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 10,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Coin Explorer monthly membership. The cost would be 0.02 BTC.

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 3:
Cost of AdPack: 0.05 BTC
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 25,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 100
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Coin Professional monthly membership. The cost would be 0.05 BTC.

MyPayingCryptoAds Ad-Pack Plan 4:
Cost of AdPack: 0.10 BTC
Banner Credits: 20
Rotating Banner Ad Credits: 50,000
Revenue Sharing Rewards (Non-Guaranteed Additional Rewards): Up to 120%
No-Repurchase rule
Maximum active adpacks one can have: 1000
To purchase this plan,
You need to purchase Coin Elite monthly membership. The cost would be 0.10 BTC.

MyPayingCryptoAds AdPack Plan
Here are a few more numbers you should know about:
One individual could own up to 1300 adpacks (100 level 1, 100 level 2, 100 level 3 and 1000 level 4).
While this is a possibility, you should consider whether your business needs such volume of online advertisement from a single source, or not.
The referral commissions are set at 6% on adpacks sales and 10% on all other services.
Over a 24 hours period, on the 10 November 2016, we received ฿0.018 for each ฿1.0 spent (a 1.8% rebate) while the banner advertising received approximatively 1000 views (and a 0.42% click-through rate).

MyPayingCryptoAds Withdrawal: get paid in Bitcoin

You can withdraw your referral commissions, but you need to have at least 10 active adpacks to do so.
Additionally, you need at least 0.01 BTC in order to request a withdrawal (minimum withdrawal) and the adpack earning withdrawals limit is 1.0 BTC (maximum withdrawal).

MyPayingCryptoAds Issue: the common errors (and how to solve it)

1. “You can only signup using Gmail account
Use a Gmail address to register. If you don’t have one, you can create a Gmail for free here.
2. “Password must contain at least 1 non-aplhanumeric characters
Make sure that your password includes a non-alphanumeric character, for example, “@“.
See the full list at Oracle.
3. “Verification link expired“.
If for some reason you didn’t follow above steps or changed IP/device, then registration link will expire.
You will need to request a new one.


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