Sunday, November 27, 2016

2captcha - Earn by solving captcha - increased earnings with 2captcha software

2captcha system released their software to increase the earning per captcha . It has other features as well such as
Advantages for working through client:
1) “I’m not a robot” recaptchas become available, which pay $1 per 1000
2) Fixed work zone – no jumps/skips
3) You can see TOP100 of workers today and your place in the overall rating

If you want to increase your earnings with 2captcha - install new software:
New version: 2captchabot2.01 (upd 08/04/2016)
After opening the program click GMAIL and sign in to your GMail
For Windows 7, 8, 10: 2captchabot2.01 (upd 08/04/2016)
For Windows XP: 2CaptchaBot XP (updated 12.08.2016)
For Android: 2Captcha bot for Android
For iOS and MacOS, *nix: development postponed
It allows you to solve higher paying "i'm not a robot reacptchas" as well as the usual ones.

You can get your payments via bitcoin as well. Open your account now to start earning!

Start earning now!

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